1-What is a Protection Service?

A protection service like Relinked offers secure encrypted virtual tunnels between a device and a protection server located in a ​data center from different locations. The protection server will acts as an intermediary between you and the Internet, allowing ​your Internet traffic to travel to its intended destination from the protection server.

Your device will therefore be assigned a new IP address from our service and new DNS resolvers allowing you to hide your real ​IP address and location, and browse the Internet with more privacy, but essentially as you did before using your naked line.

All the data sent and received is encrypted using the best ciphers suites available and is authenticated both by your client and ​our servers which means that the data integrity is verified after the transport in the tunnel, preventing snooping, alteration or ​injection by outside parties, including your ISP.

2-How is a protection service useful?

      You can use a protection service to:

  • Hide your real IP address using a new one from our protection service, browse the Internet with more privacy, and protect ​you from network attacks.
  • By-pass restrictions, censorship, throttling or traffic prioritization, especially from strict Internet controlling countries.
  • Access geo-restricted content, even when traveling or living abroad.
  • Connect from hostile networks or public Wi-Fi, preventing snooping and stealing of personal information.
  • Download or upload anonymously, without limit.
  • Enjoy a better connectivity with the Internet, which can improve latency in certain cases.
  • Help protect your identity as a researcher, journalist, whistle blower or any kind of sensitive position.

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